Living Room Furniture Placement

The placement of your contemporary living room furniture is crucial for a functional and comfortable space.

If you have a designated sofa with an arm, it signals that the inhabitants are looking to sit and chat. A loveseat should be used in place of the sofa if someone will be reclining completely.

Fauteuils or chairs must not be placed against any walls, as they can create congestion in your space. Also, avoid placing your modern furniture in front of windows or doorways, as there is nothing more distracting than a wall of furniture. For a dining room, there are specific placement rules that are best to follow.

1. Oval tables create a more intimate atmosphere and should be placed at least 24 inches from any wall or other furniture.

2. Rectangular dining tables are best suited for larger groups, so these should be placed further away from the walls. For eight people or more, the dining room table should begin next to the entrance of your home. If you have a large seating area in your modern living room, you can use a round table instead, because it will fit more people than an oval-shaped one.

3. A chair that sits alone should be placed close to the centerpiece, but still in another room. This is a signal that it is intended to be used as a talking piece and not to be used as an actual seat. This is also true of your coatrack, credenza or entertainment center.

4. For the television area, it is best to use an entertainment center with glass fronts and frameless shelves, which are able to show off a number of items at once, such as books and DVDs or photos. Your bookshelf should be placed in the same height as your television.

If you have a large screen, it should also be placed on the highest part of your entertainment center. It is best to avoid using a bookshelf that is set against the wall, as these can get in the way of your viewing experience.

5. If you have a modern sculpture or artwork in your living room, it should be placed directly across from the sofa to make it appear like an intimate piece that draws people into your space.

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