Best Holiday Photo Cards For Your Beloved Ones

Nowadays, it is of critical importance to keep your beloved ones close. Small and simple gestures are often appreciated and considered thoughtful. Such a nice gesture is to send them a holiday photo card to express your good wishes to family or friends and make them feel a lot better. Minted provides all kinds of different holiday cards to choose from, for every occasion. Here is a list of their best products:

1. Joyeux Noel by Benita Crandall

A perfect holiday photo card to send your Christmas wishes is made by Benita Crandall. A happy five-member family is depicted in front of a red wagon bus in a forest with a road full of fallen leaves that creates a perfect autumn scenery.

2. The Minimalist by Nicole Walsh

A unique and beautiful holiday card designed by Nicole Walsh. A hugging couple that looks like having the time of their lives in front of picturesque rock beach scenery is a perfect way to share your love.

3. Greenery Frame by Susan Moyal

A cute holiday photo card that emphasizes much on family members created by Susan Moyal. Two beautiful young girls along with a newborn baby and their faithful dog to protect them all on a beautiful card is an exemplary way to offer your family’s wishes.

4. Crazy Wonderful by Jill Means

Jill Means has found the perfect way to depict Christmas excitement. Three young children with huge smiles on their faces along with their pet cats, dressed in Christmas sweaters in the comfort of their house.

5. Evergreen Tree by Heather Schertzer

A loving family with two kids along with their newborn baby posing in front of a fully-green garden is Heather Schertzer’s creation. A Christmas tree frame surrounds this joyful family for a cute result of a holiday photo card.

6. Merriweather by Annie Clark

A fully in-love couple ready to kiss, along with their two kids in front of a snowy forest is Annie Clark’s holiday photo card. This perfect winter scenery is ideal to offer your Christmas wishes to your beloved ones.

7. Abstract Floral by Caryn Owen

A more classic but equally beautiful option is made by Caryn Owen. An abstract floral painting on a totally black background is a simple and artistic way to send your wishes to your family and friends.

8.Charisma by Nicoletta Savod

An arch-shaped holiday photo card that depicts a newly-wed happy couple in front of beautiful mountain scenery. Nicoletta Savod really shares happiness through her creation, thus making this card definitely one of our options.

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